It seems almost anyone is able to design a website.

  • Your cousin promised to have a site for you in a month, that was six months ago.
  • Your really smart neighbor started a site, but got sidetracked with high school.
  • You started doing your own website until you realized you were not spending enough time running your business.


Why use Kreative Marketing Koncepts?

  1. Time! We do the work. Other companies provide website  packages BUT you have to take time away from your business to build your site.
  2. Fast turnaround time! Once we have the information you want included in your website we promise to have your website available to customers within 10 business days!
  3. Affordability! For less than the cost of one small ad in the newspaper or one radio commercial you can have a 24 hour a day marketing partner on the web for a year!

Why Do you need a website?

  1. To not miss potential customers! In today's world consumers are extremely savvy and have many choices  available to them. The internet is where many of your new customers look for services and if you are not there to showcase your products & services, your competitions website will win out!
  2. Credibility: To many consumers if you do not have a website of some kind you have decreased your credibility. Compare it to not having a phone 20 years ago.
  3. Around the clock marketing: Your website will market for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week,  attracting new customers and show them why you are better than your competition.


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